Mike Marsh is one of the most prolific and popular outdoor writers in North Carolina.  An award-winning writer since his first book Carolina Hunting Adventures: Quest for the Limit, was published in 1995, he has written thousands of articles and columns about hunting and fishing.

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Fishing North Carolina


Michael S. Marsh

Fishing North Carolina

Fishing North Carolina covers 100 lakes, rivers, streams, park millponds, watershed lakes, sounds, fishing piers and beaches in a way only Mike can do. No other book has been, or will ever be written, that covers the fantastic fishing available all across the state in so much detail.

Included are all of the things you need to know to plan a complete fishing trip, even with entire family along. The chapter for each site includes extra information, such as camping facilities, hiking trails, playgrounds, boat rentals, boating restrictions, wade fishing, bank fishing, pier fishing, fish species, detailed lake statistics such as depth, acreage, shoreline length, shoreline and bottom characteristics, water quality and clarity and any special regulations.

This is the most comprehensive guide to fishing in North Carolina that has ever been available. Order yours today!

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