Fishing North CarolinaMike Marsh's latest book, Fishing North Carolina, was released February 14, 2011 and the book is now available for sale on this website. Mike is extremely proud of this latest offering and considers it some of his best work to date.

Mike has been touring the state attending more than a dozen book signings and other events, as well as giving radio and television interviews.

Fishing North Carolina covers 100 lakes, rivers, streams, park millponds, watershed lakes, sounds, fishing piers and beaches in a way only Mike can do. No other book has been, or will ever be written, that covers the fantastic fishing available all across the state in so much detail. [Read more]

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Mike Marsh has received many Excellence In Craft awards for his writing and photography. To see some of his most-recent award-winning work, click here.

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Mike MarshMike Marsh is one of the most prolific, widely read and highly respected outdoor writers in the nation. Most of his stories and photography are based on his adventures in the Southeast, especially North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana. He has written thousands of magazine and newspaper articles and sold thousands of photographs to “hook and bullet” print and online media. In a typical year, Mike produces 400 to 500 published articles and 600 to 850 published images.
Barbs and Blasts

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Eddie 'Deadeye' Nickens shot this cottontail at willow oaks plantation. He was shooting a Remington Versa Max Sportsman with no. 7 1/2.I recently enjoyed a rabbit hunt at Willow Oaks Plantation in Eden, North Carolina. Famous North Carolina writer, Eddie Nickens will henceforth be known in my mind's eye as Deadeye Eddie after making a remarkable shot at a streaking cottontail. The beagles had chased the cottontail from a brier patch to a gravel road. The bounding bunny saw the error of its ways and tried to duck back into the thicket, just before Eddie called a halt to its progress with a load of No. 7 1/2 shot fired from a 12-gauge Remington Versa Max Sportsman. The Sportsman version was a perfect for rabbit hunting because it is a Spartan, no-frills, lower priced version of the original, without the fancy frills like the rubber pads at the gripping points of stock and forearm. Obviously, in the hands of a pro like Eddie, it gets the job done.

Deadeye Eddie hoisted the rabbit high in one hand and the Versa Max in the other while I clapped my hands, waved and shouted. But I wasn't complimenting him on the great shot. I was trying to get his attention so he would turn around to see the rabbit the dogs were actually running cross the road in full flight with five beagles tight on his heels. The rabbit in his hands had just been sneaking away from all the commotion, hoping to escape, unnoticed and unscathed.

There was Eddie, standing in a perfect X position, with the action taking place behind him where he could not see it. But I could the chase right through his legs. While I wasn't able to capture a photo or, better yet, a video for posterity, the scene will be etched forever in my memory. Such events are ingredients in the recipes for the greatest hunts of our lives. Simply add good friends, great dogs, fantastic food, comfortable lodging, compliments over the hits, and condolences for the misses. Stir well, serve and enjoy.

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