Doug Shores with a nice flounder from Kure BeachDoug Shores caught this flounder at Kure Beach Fishing Pier.

All area piers have seen good catches of flounder, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel and bluefish. King mackerel should be biting any day and continue the rest of the summer.

Flounder fishermen should use live mud minnows or mullet. Keep them alive in aerated buckets, which can be purchased at tackle shops and discount stores. Many piers have mud minnows for sale and the small baitfish will stay lively for a long time in a Styrofoam minnow pail, even without an aerator.

Use a "Carolina rig" if you are a sweet-water bass angler or "flounder rig" if you are a dyed-in-the-brine saltwater angler. The rig's the same. An egg sinker, leader and Kahle or wide bend hook. You will need a hoop net to land the fish, so bring your own or make sure a buddy has one, out on the pier before you begin fishing.

Some of the biggest flounder of the year will be caught in July and August, so head for the piers, right now.