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Spring Fishing in North Carolina  E-mail

Fishing for Yellow Perch at White Lake

Yellow perch fishing was excellent during the full moon. These yellow perch came from White Lake and several topped the NCARP minimum weight of 1 pound. The trick for catching the big ones is trolling in the deep water, not casting along the banks. Use perch patterns because yellow perch are cannibalistic, forming the base of their own food chain.

Early Spring Bass Fishing

Testing the coastal lakes for an early bass bite resulted in this largemouth, which I hooked at Lake Waccamaw. It was a bit windy, so I fished the calmer side of the lake. The bass were hitting small spinnerbaits and soft plastics in the grass beds and Capt. Butch Foster and I hooked about a dozen of them. We also caught one shellcracker and some small white perch.




Cold weather is not bad weather for fishing.

Mike Marsh caught this crappie at Greenfield Lake. It struck a  Bill Dance Swimmin' Image lure.
Cold weather is not bad weather for fishing. Lakes in the coastal plain are hosting some excellent fishing.

Among the best fish to catch this time of year are black crappie and yellow perch. These great tasting fish are common in waters the color of tea and hit the same types of lures. Spinnerbaits, jigs, spoons and small crankbaits are best. But these fish will also strike live minnows and red worms.

Don't stay home. Head for the rivers, creeks and lakes for these fish. Good lakes to try included Baytree, Greenfield, White, Waccamaw. Great fishing is going on right now in all the rivers. The water is falling so the fishing is on the rise.


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