Bluefish - Kure Pier

The bluefish have arrived along the N.C. Coast. Big choppers showed up right on time, with fish in the 7 to 10-pound range at the southern coast inlets.

The best bet for the big choppers is a live menhaden or mullet fished on a treble hook rig, with a float or a Carolina rig. Hook the menhaden near the tail at the anal fin. Otherwise, all you may reel back in is the head of the menhaden. Be sure to use a wire leader.

Big blues are also suckers for Hopkins spoons and topwater poppers. A big Zara Spook is another good bet for attracting one of the most savage topwater strikes you've ever experienced.

Look for the birds feeding on baitfish the bluefish run to the surface. Usually, bluefish will be churning the water and leaving an oil slick from the chopped up baitfish.